Friday, September 30, 2011

The truth, the whole truth, the ugly truth (Debt: 1 October 2011)

This is the post I dreaded to write. I'm in debt. How much debt? More than I ever thought possible (considering this is credit card debt).

Deep breath, here goes:

Credit card 1: $24,767.86
Credit card 2: $22,194.71
Credit card 3: $10,173.35
Credit card 4: $9,826.36
Credit card 5: $6,970.48
Credit card 6: $2,282.41

Total: $76,215.17
This does also not include $2,000 I have borrowed from a friend (who is not charging me interest). It's funny, I'm almost more embarrassed about borrowing the money from the friend than the credit card debt I have.

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